test jetson tablas de surf propulsadoDealing with surfers face-to-face is one of the best things about the Test Jetson events organized along the coast all over the country. They provide us with the opportunity to share our passion with those who try out a Jetson for the first time. This motivates us, encourages us and helps us to continue improving our surfboards.

Here are some of the comments by surfers of all ages who have already tried the new experience of “boosted surfing”:

“I had never tried boosted surfing before and had not gone surfing for months, so I was a little rusty. It really helped a lot when I was paddling out and during take-off.” Fernando | Test Jetson Quebrantos Beach(Asturias)

test jetson tablas de surf propulsado“It weighs a little more than a normal board, but in the water you couldn’t tell. It’s when you begin to play with the keypad that you realize what this is all about! Very cool sensations. Very fun!” Marcos | Test Jetson Denia (Alicante)

“I caught the first wave with the jet set at 50 and already noticed how it helped me paddle out, but then I turned it up to 100 and it was amazing! The board almost caught the wave by itself!” Víctor | Test Jetson Salinas (Asturias)

“I rode more waves in thirty minutes than I did in two hours yesterday afternoon, and I’m no Slater” Marta | Test Jetson Rodiles (Asturias)

test jetson tablas de surf propulsado“¡Very cool!” Alba | Test Jetson Gijon (Asturias)

“Thank you, Kike, for letting me test it for so long. I didn’t want to get off even when the light turned red, because I still felt as good as I did when I started surfing.” Álvaro | Test Jetson Salinas (Asturias)

“I was left wanting more. If you are around tomorrow, I’ll stop by to try out the Haddock” Rafa | Castelldefels (Cataluña)

“I caught a five-meter wave as if it were nothing and stuck right to the wall. It is very versatile and fun.” Ignacio | Test Jeston Santander (Cantabria)

test jetson tablas de surf propulsadoWe can’t wait for the next event to meet even more people who just want to enjoy more Jetson surfing!

Have you already tried out a Jetson? What did you think? Tell us your opinion.


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