The battery life varies greatly depending on conditions and use. Jetson’s battery assists you with you paddling. The more you paddle, the longer the battery will last. The pack has been designed to cover one good surf session, with a good number of waves. Under normal surfing conditions battery should last approximately 90 minutes. Once depleted, it can be replaced with a charged pack. If you are one of those people who wants to surf another session you can purchase an additional battery.




After several months of testing and development, we are pleased to inform all our customers about an important breakthrough in technology and performance of JETSON SURFBOARDS in terms of power supply. From now on, all of our boards will incorporate IonLi batteries (no longer Li-Po).

There are many benefits of this new integration. Among them we can highlight: lower weight (300 grams lighter), greater capacity and autonomy (10%), simplification of care and maintenance, mayor security and a better user experience out and inside the water.

We are so convinced of the improvement of the usage of these new batteries that we are proud to inform that we will assume the cost of the required replacement of electronic units and new charger.

For those customers who still want to keep using Li-Po batteries, please take in mind the importance of proper maintenance. See LiPO user manual for more details. LiPO BATTERIES OWNER’S MANUAL


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